Seowon University Job Center
Seowon University Job Center
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Mentoring and Scholarship Opportunities Most Frequent Requests

Paying for their university courses and gaining job experience are very important for most university students. The Job Center at Seowon University provides useful information for those questions and many more. To get a more complete picture of the job center programs and services, Seowon News sat down with Kim Dae Bae, a job center staffer, to answer some questions.

-Seowon News: How is the job center organized?
-Kim Dae Bae: The job center is a department of the Human Resource Development Agency (HRDA). The HRDA has three main departments: the university job center, an employment support team and a career education center. Among them, the university job center is located on campus and is jointly operated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Chungcheongbuk-do Province and Seowon University.

-SN: What is the most popular program for students?
-KDB: The most popular program is the incumbent mentoring. In this program, students asks questions to incumbents (people with previous experience in that job) and have a one to one conversation. Students say they discover lots of information that they can’t find in books or online, so this program is really helpful to them. The mentoring program replaced a formal seminar arrangement which was not as effective. Incumbent mentoring is relaxed, so this program ranked highest for program satisfaction.

-SN: What are the most common questions from students?
-KDB: The most common questions and inquiries are about scholarships. As part of supporting career development, there are many kinds of scholarships. For example, improvement of foreign language scores scholarship, scholarship for getting certificate and support for contest exhibits. I also want to recommend recruitment nomad program to students. If a student wants to learn more about a company by visiting the company or attending a job fair, our department pays the cost.

-SN: Is there anything new at the job center this year?
-KDB: From this year, the new Seowon Online Career Hub (SEOCH) site ( will open for helping students to write resumes, covering letters. The site will also organize experience and extracurricular programs for students. We hope many students will use the SEOCH site.

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