Earn Bachelor’s Degree Online
Earn Bachelor’s Degree Online
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K-MOOC Opens Online Study Options to General Public

From March of this year, any person with a computer and the willingness to study can earn university credits through online study.

The Korean massive open online courses (K-MOOCs) are free and allow any person to enroll, and upgrade their knowledge.

It launched its service with 27 courses from 10 domestic leading universities in October, 2015. At the time, only registered students at one of the participating universities of K-MOOC could enroll.,  As a result participation rates were low. Less than ten percent of enrolled students completed their courses.

With the new changes, there are more courses and the system has expanded beyond universities and now includes technical colleges and institutes. There are courses in humanities, social, education, engineering, natural, medical, arts, physical and interdisciplinary studies. For example,  a six-week Operation Management course uses real-life case studies to introduce students to managing all the systems in the building, including facility location strategy, supply chain management, inventory management, and quality control.

All K-MOOC courses are free, but you must receive a passing score to get course credit or a certificate. For instance, the Operation Management course requires 60 score at least. The overall grade will be determined from quizzes (20%), discussion (20%), an assignment (20%) and a final exam (40%). Also, you can audit a course for free without earning a certificate.

The new law helps students get credits from the ministry of Education. With this revision, it expands credit recognition and more people can get a degree easily.

For their part, the schools which participate in K-MOOC will have simpler testing standards for  lifelong education facilities  and vocational training centers. This will make is easier for people to retrain for a new career in their spare time if they wish. The new standards will also apply to recruitment of learners, attendance and class management.

The new rules take place in March 2019.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) the  National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) have joined the program to offer courses. For more information on participating institutions and courses, go to http://www.kmooc.kr/


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