Asian and World Governments Promote Conflicting Definitions of Peace and Independent Prosperity in 2019
Asian and World Governments Promote Conflicting Definitions of Peace and Independent Prosperity in 2019
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In their respective new year addresses of 2019, Korea, Japan and China emphasized world peace and prosperity. These three countries have declared that they will do their best to fulfill their respective roles in accordance with international laws and regulations in the era of globalization. Meanwhile, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Saudi Arabia are promoting in independent prosperity agenda based on binational agreements.


The Korean government used three key-words to guide their policies for 2019: peace, innovation’ and inclusiveness. President Moon declared that peaceful relations with North Korea will continue in 2019. Innovative changes to the economy such as increasing the minimum wage, helping young couples with key money loans, and building government apartments, will help more Koreans save money, feel secure and address the wealth imbalance. Opening on-line learning opportunities (see article on K-MOOC) for job upgrading and proceeding with Government projects such as North-South railway construction and operation of the ‘Kaesong Industrial Complex’ will also create more jobs.  For their part,  North Korea too promised they will try to keep world peace and coexistence.


In the New Year's address, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared his country will try to protect world peace and follow international laws. At the same times, he emphasized the biggest project in China in 2019 is protecting Chinese sovereignty and enhancing the position of China in international society.

China will overcome the trade war with the US while continuing the ‘One belt, One road’ (OBOR) project. The goal of the international construction project is to improve connectivity through Asia, Africa and Europe through large infrastructure upgrades for better economic and trade growth. A by-product of OBOR is improved cooperation among the participating countries.


Akihito, the Emperor of Japan, declared his wish for world peace and security. On the other hand, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, stressed that in this year, Japan should become a leading country in Asia. He also said that Japan will greatly increase its diplomatic activities and cooperate with other countries.

United States   

Asian countries emphasized 'peace' and 'coexistence' alongside an opposite path charted by the United States. The Trump administration announced that it would thoroughly implement policies for its own interests in 2019 under the slogan of "America First." The American government said that they will maximize their profit by improving individual relations with the European Union, Asia and Middle East countries. This is after America withdrew from the Paris climate accord in June 2017, the United Nations Economic Scientific and Cultural Organization in October of the same year, and  allowed the Iran nuclear agreement to lapse in November 2018.

United Kingdom (UK)

A growing number of European countries have adopted their own priorities like the U.S. The typical example is the British withdrawal from the European Union (otherwise known as ‘Brexit’). British Prime Minister Theresa May emphasized if England approves ‘Brexit’, England can maintain their identity and make a new England. Opponents say Brexit will cause a lot of economic political and diplomatic confusion.


Russian president Vladimir Putin also adheres to Russia’s independent route. Putin appealed that in 2019 Russia must protect its sovereignty and expand the position of Russia in the international era, so that they can draw a diplomatic victory.

Also, he added that last year Russia could overcome many hardships due to Russian cohesion, so they will maintain Russian political cohesion in 2019.

Middle East

The last is that 2019 view of middle eastern countries. A lot of experts in the world predicted  a negative year in 2019. If withdrawal from international organizations continues,  the Syrian civil war or conflicts between Israel and Palestine will continue.

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