Don't Hesitate to Experience a New Culture
Don't Hesitate to Experience a New Culture
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My Time as and Exchange Student in Taiwan
(Picture = By repoerter, Koo Eun-jin) A Landmark in Taiwan
(Picture = By repoerter, Koo Eun-jin) A Landmark in Taiwan

Qijin island, Leofoo village theme park, Yanping Old Street, Shennong Street, and the Rainbow village.

During six months, I traveled to all of these places in Taiwan. I felt a lot of emotions and had various experiences. I wanted to experience more from Taiwan.

I live in Taiwan now as a Taiwan Exchange Student. If you want to do that same, keep reading.

First, the Seowon University Exchange program allows exchange opportunities to learn English and Chinese. From 12 to 19 credits per semester, you can follow the basic curriculum of the exchange student and participate in outdoor activities with other foreign exchange students.

For learning Chinese in Taiwan, Seowon students can enroll at  Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Tainan.

From my earlier travels, Taiwanese people were very kind-hearted. Taiwanese culture seemed to be a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture.

As an exchange student, my classes consist of Chinese writing, listening, speaking and Taiwanese culture. Classes are divided based on the HSK placement test. There are usually around 10 students per class.

I was so nervous and embarrassed in the first class. I learned simplified Chinese in Korea but Taiwan uses Mandarin which is a little different. The first class was so difficult for me, but over time I adjusted. And thanks to help from my Taiwanese friends, I was able to study hard and improve my Chinese ability quickly.

Shin Ye-Jun (Geography Education), who also studied in Taiwan for 1 year, said "At first I didn't know anything about Taiwan. But when I watched Taiwanese movies, I became interested in Taiwan, so I applied to the Taiwan exchange student program."

Through the program, I learned many things. Taiwanese people adapt to others and respect their culture too. To have a good experience, he said, "you have to prepare to learn and understand a nation itself rather than learning a language."

In the new environment, studying a foreign language and accepting a new culture were not easy. However, in the past 6 months I could communicate with many people, understand one country and discover my potential too.

In the next 6 months I want to experience more and meet more people. If you want to participate in the Exchange Program, you can get information in Office of International Affairs of the Seowon university. Don’t hesitate to challenge yourself!!

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