Cosmetics Have an Expiration Date
Cosmetics Have an Expiration Date
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Improved Consumer Knowledge Leads to Safer Use of Beauty Products

Because of a growing interest in beauty, men and women are using more cosmetics. Especially in Korea, people have a lot of interest in K-Beauty, so they use and buy various products. Furthermore, cosmetics constituents are one of the most important things when consumers buy their cosmetic products. However, when using cosmetics, most people don’t consider an expiration date. The expiration date is the period during which goods can be circulated on the market.

For more specific information about cosmetics expiry dates, Seowon News asked a few questions to Professor Lee In-cheol, who is part of the department of bio-cosmetics at Seowon University. Below is a transcript of the interview that took place.

-Seowon News: Many people don’t know about the fact that there are expiry dates in cosmetics. Why is there an expiration date for cosmetics?

-Lee In-cheol: All cosmetics are marked with expiration dates to ensure safe use by consumers.

-SN: What are the side effects of using cosmetics that were out of date?

-LIC: If you use out of date products, it causes inflammation of the skin, such as dermatitis, folliculitis, and red spots. Products like mascara and eyeliner are easy to reproduce bacteria, so be careful of blood clots or eye diseases.

-SN: What is the difference between the use-by date and when the cosmetics are opened and when they are not?

-LIC: The expiration date and use date of cosmetics vary for different kinds of cosmetics. In general, cleansing cosmetics are available 30 months prior to release and are recommended to be used within 12 months after opened.  Makeup products are good for 36 months after production and can be used for one year after they are opened. These are commonly known deadlines. Each cosmetic container shows the date of manufactures like MFD, MFG, M, expiration date, EXP, and use-by date. Same as EXP, BB, BBE, and BE, the abbreviation for Best Before Dates also indicates the recommended date for use of cosmetics. The sign with M (Month) refers to the use-by date after release.

The professor also added, “For healthy use of cosmetics, attention should be given to the EXP and how to use them. Also, avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperature, which may cause quality deterioration.”

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