Strengthening the Drinking Control Law
Strengthening the Drinking Control Law
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New Law Increases Penalties for Drunk Driving

Driving saves time.

Unfortunately, some drivers drink alcohol and don’t want to spend more time getting home. When they drive through the Seowon-dong neighborhood, it is dangerous for Seowon University students walking at night.

However, walking in Seowon-dong will get a little safer. On December 18th, the Korean government strengthened punishment of drunk driving.

The ‘Amendment to the Act on the Weighted Punishment of Specific Crimes’ law increased a level of punishment and tightened the drinking and driving standards for drivers who have been hurt by drunk driving.

The law was inspired by Yoon Chang-ho, who was hit by a drunk driver in Hae-un-dae, Bu-san in September 2018, and died shortly after.

Most Seo-won University students have rarely experienced drunk drivers, but they are interested in new law about drinking driving.

English education students Park Hyun-ha and Hwang Eun-ji were supportive of the change.
“We think the law needs to be strengthened. This is because people are not at all alarmed by the recent increase in drunk driving accidents. That's why the number of victims is still increasing due to drunk driving. Also, this is a dangerous crime that can cause dangerous damage not only to oneself but also to others.”

In cases where death was caused by drunk driving, a court has increased a sentence from one year or more to three years in prison or life imprisonment.

However, people's perception is not as strong as the law.

Kim Eun-yong and Kim Yeon-su in the same dept said “In Korea, people are very generous about alcohol-related crimes, so we keep thinking that the number of crimes is increasing and getting worse. We mean, no matter how much the law prevents people from driving under the influence of alcohol, it's useless if they don't change their perception.”

Likewise, the strong law is needed in Korea. In our country, as students turn 20, people can do many things such as drinking alcohol, driving, and voting. But these freedoms should not be abused. Therefore, people should also try to improve their awareness of the danger about drinking driving in keeping with the evolving laws. If so, it is expected to be able to create an advanced driving culture with a high sense of citizenship.

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