Student Travel Strategies
Student Travel Strategies
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How to Use Airbnb Safely

As tourism has grown, they have started to use many apps for finding accommodation. One of the most popular apps is Airbnb. However, there have been many problems with privacy and security with this program. Accordingly, a term called ‘Airbnb hell’ has also begun to emerge. It describes the experience of the community of people who use Airbnb and have suffered bad things. In this community, many people share their bad experience.

First, there is a case in which a Korean woman who visited Fukuoka was raped by her landlord. The landlord gave the woman alcohol blended with sleeping pills, and then he raped her. So the victim told Airbnb about this damage. However, they responded that we investigated the host and concluded that he didn’t have a bad intention.   

Also, Airbnb ignored the victim’s request that Airbnb ban the landlord’s place to be a place of stay for other people. Furthermore, there were only good evaluations of the place where this happened. As this incident has revealed, others have begun to reveal damages to the Airbnb hostel. For example, there were various experiences such as hosts who changed the reserved room unilaterally, a host who demanded extra cost without notice, a host who charged for the repair of the house and a host who was a gang member.

So how do you choose safe accommodation to stay? To solve this problem, Korea Tourism Organization introduced a safe stay service. It is a campaign to build a sustainable homesteading ecosystem where stakeholders can co-exist to provide comfortable and safe accommodation for travelers. By using it, travelers can choose accommodations safely. Especially, when you travel to Japan, it is necessary to confirm whether it is a formally registered company or not.  This is because it is not easy to confirm the identity of the landlord. There have been cases where it is not a formally registered company among the guesthouses in Japan. It is also advisable to refrain from any behavior that may be of concern to the safety of others, such as drinking with a stranger in a guesthouse. Additionally, one should immediately seek assistance from local police or consular call center if there is any suspicious or illegal activity at the facility.

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