KT&G Sangsang Univ. Provides Extracurricular Programs for University Students
KT&G Sangsang Univ. Provides Extracurricular Programs for University Students
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(Picture = By KT&G) Poster which is one of the program of KT&G Sangsang Univ.
(Picture = By KT&G) Poster which is one of the program of KT&G Sangsang Univ.


For university students, it is important to study hard. However, meeting different people and experiencing new things are also valuable. It widens your horizon. Here is the community for your extracurricular activities, Sangsang Univ., the KT&G’s community for university students.

What is KT&G?
KT&G is a company that produces and sells tobacco and other products. People are familiar with the previous name of this company, Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation. KT&G was originally a public corporation operated by the government, but it was converted into a private company in 2002.
This company is committed to sustainable management. The total amount invested towards social contribution from 2004 to 2017 was 860 billion won which was 2.6 % of investment to sales ratio. KT&G also implements many social responsibility activities.

SangSang Univ.
The Sangsang Univ, one of the unequaled and differentiated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs unique to KT&G, is a community that helps true self-growth of university students in their 20s. It was started in 2010. Sangsang Univ. provides opportunities for diverse experiences. It implements programs in 16 regions. SangSang Univ. is divided into three main programs.

Sangsang Marketing School & Sangsang Career Camp
These two programs are the representative programs of Sangsang Univ. Sangsang marketing school is a marketing mentoring program. This program runs over 6 weeks. Through this program, participants complete missions by doing group activities. The volume of recruitment is about 1130 people. Sangsang career camp provides individualized mentoring about careers to help students make plans and prepare for careers. It runs over three nights and four days. Also, students can experience the real full process of recruitment that reflects the latest recruitment trends.

Sangsang Univ. Classes
There are four types of classes. Sangsang culture, life, art school, and career center. The culture school provides programs for the following subjects: hobbies, life school for sports and volunteer, art school for performance like dance, Nanta, and musical. It also has a career center for career exploration that gives helps about cover letters, interviews, image making, etc.

Sangsang Univ. Activities
It is a short-term participation program where students can experience Sangsang Univ. and interact with each other. There are Sangsang Festa, sharing and tours. Sangsang Festa is for creative activities of various classes which are opened to everyone. All activities are planned and implemented by students. Someone gives an idea, sets a time and selects a site that a class will follow. Classes are opened when enough people gather up. For example, in Cheongju, there are activities for making snacks for pets, making hand cream, and personal color creation for image making. Sangsang sharing is a social contribution program with university students implemented by KT&G. Sangsang tours are journey activities. Touring by Sangsang, university students can interact with each other and make memories.

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