All Around the World Students Go On Global Climate Strike: Friday For Future
All Around the World Students Go On Global Climate Strike: Friday For Future
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Students all over the world are protesting for governments to help slow down climate change. If  you search the official homepage of FridayForFuture at, the website shows locations of protests all around the world. In Korea, on March 15th, a strike for climate change started in Seoul. After starting the strike, two protests happen every Friday. There are a lot of students who have signs and pickets that say, Global Climate Strike. The inspiration for this strike began in August of 2018, by a 15 year old Swedish climate activist named Greta Thunberg.

Firstly, while not going to school, she sat in front of the Swedish parliament everyday for three weeks, to let people know about the lack of action on the global climate crisis. She posted what she does on the social network service(SNS) like Instagram and Twitter. Due to this protest, there was a strike for global climate change in Australia. Then other countries such as Netherlands, Canada, and British continued doing similar strikes.

The name for these strikes is FridaysForFuture. This means people protest for the future on every Friday. The purpose of this activity is to let all governments around the world know about the seriousness of climate change. In reality, the earth shows us how serious the problems. Many scientists insist we have only 12 years to reverse course. However, politicians seem that they cannot hear and do not know what they have to do.

Therefore, considering the future of the climate and earth, people gather and protest for awareness of this problem and change, especially students. They skip school and show their movement to adults who seem to not be concerned with the bad situation of our climate.

This movement has a few rules. First of all, demonstrations can be held in our schools, a government office, and anywhere you feel called. Also, it is generally held on every Friday, but in Belgium the strike is on Thursdays.

Seowon University students can also be involved in the movement. Some suggestions include talking to your parents, explaining what they do affects the earth, and asking them to support you. You can also record a video telling what you are doing and why you are doing it. Saving the earth is good for you and other people. You can post it on social media tagging your friends, teachers, and other influential people who you know, calling on them to join this movement with hashtags such as #ClimateStrike, #ActNow, and #FridaysForFuture.

In preparing for doing a strike, make creative signs like “100% Clean Energy” or “Listen to Science” to attract attention by using short messages. Furthermore, you can upload photos and videos of the strike on SNS, so it can spread quickly and possibly to other countries as well. Lastly, the most important thing is be non-violent at all times. This is because if you do something wrong, the purpose of the movement for the environment may be changed.

If you don’t know why protesting to improve the climate is important work for us, let’s think for a few seconds. If the earth disappeared, there is no future. Think about what kind of future you may have with all of the dangers you will see with climate change. Consider our future generations and what kind of earth you want them to live in. The answer to these questions will tell you what to do.

If you have interest for this movement, it might be good for you. Also, if you want to more information, check out the web-site.

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