Traditional Markets Have Hidden Treasure
Traditional Markets Have Hidden Treasure
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Do you know how many traditional markets there are in Cheongju? There is a dozen traditional markets in Cheongju. However, traditional markets are not prominent because of many large supermarkets and department stores. Although large supermarkets and department stores are convenient and have pretty things, traditional markets have their own value. I visited one of the traditional markets.

The traditional market near our school is Yuk-geory market which is also the biggest market with the succession of past Cheongju markets. It is divided with nine merchant associations and each compartment trades rice cakes, meals, apparel, vegetables and fruits. The name ‘Yuk-geory’ originated from where the place was opened in the yuk-geory. You can go there by foot or bus. It takes ten or fifteen minutes to walk and five minutes by bus. You can take the 811-2 or 30-2 bus to get off there. There are many various things such as beauty shops, famous restaurants, traditional desserts, and street food. Four restaurants are famous in the Yuk-geory market and they are Mini Jok-bal, Saegadeok Sundae, Shin-song Boribap and Hwang Halmeoni Galbi Jjigae.

Among them, I went to Hwang halmeoni galbi jjigae. This restaurant sells galbi jjigae and spicy galbi jjim. I ate the spicy galbi jjim. This menu item consist of ribs and vegetables such as mushrooms and leeks. The ribs are spicy but you can choose the degree of spicy so people who cannot eat very spicy food can eat. After eating ribs, you can also eat fried rice with the remaining seasonings. It was really delicious and felt healthy. Furthermore, this restaurant has won the first prize at the Cheongju Food Festival and has also donated to the Green Umbrella charity, which is one of the children charities.

Yuk-geory market is also famous for various street foods and traditional desserts. It sells dumplings, chicken skewers, and fried fan cake. On one side of the market, there is a section of street foods so it is full of mouthwatering smells. Among the foods, I ate dumplings. There are dumplings of various flavors such as kimchi, meat, and shrimp. If you want to eat various flavors, I recommend eating in the Yuk-geory.

In this market, I felt the cost of foods as very cheap and also the merchant’s mind as very warm. Likewise, I want you to also feel this traditional market’s charm. Unfortunately, some traditional markets are disappearing nowadays but I hope that they find the vigor again with our attention and visits.

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