Parking Problems Are Getting Worse
Parking Problems Are Getting Worse
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  • 승인 2019.06.12 09:00
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From Monday to Friday, Seowon University drivers have a problem with finding parking. The parking lots are limited but there are more and more cars because not only do professors and school personnel drive but also students nowadays. In particular, there are too many single occupancy vehicles. Because of this phenomenon, parking problems are getting worse and some cars park in irregular places.

One of the ways to prevent this parking problem is for people to carpool which means to share a vehicle together and go in the same or similar direction. However, carpooling is also used as a car sharing service that uses a car to take more than one person to a similar destination and it is made possible by a smartphone application. In our school, students can take a taxi together if they go in a similar direction by using a Kakao Talk open chat. For example, if they plan to go to the Ga-gyeong Terminal, they go to an open chat and get people to go to the terminal together. Through this chat, they can save their money rather than paying to go alone.

However, this carpool service does not work for commuting to school. Those who commute to school by car still drive their own cars without using a carpool service. There are various reasons for this. The main reason is that it is inconvenient to ride or take a car with unknown people and their destinations are different. Furthermore, they prefer to take a car rather than take a bus because it takes less time. Although carpooling can sometimes be inconvenient, I want more people to try it out. If we carpool or use public transportation, our parking problems will be relieved and we can also save our energy.

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