Rude Spoilers Reveal Plot Before Entering Theater
Rude Spoilers Reveal Plot Before Entering Theater
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(Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo) don't spoil the movie story.
(Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo) don't spoil the movie story.
















On April 24th, Avengers : Endgame movie was released. However, many people told the story to other people who have not watched the movie yet. In order not to spoil, the movie characters’ a ‘No Spoiler Campaign’ was up-loaded on the Youtube.

Nevertheless, spoilers bother Seowon University students, using various ways such as telling directly and posting the movie story. Seowon University students suffer from the spoiler in different aspects. Even though students do not watch movies and spoiler, they feel the seriousness of doing spoiler. Seowon News asks some students about this.

Kim Eun-jeong, a sophomore student in the Beauty department, says “I watched movie and also spoiler in the Facebook, and I was really annoyed at the first time, but I just ignored the spoiler because the Avengers were funny even if they knew the ending.”
“And I didn't care” she adds “because it was a little different from the spoiler. But please, if you've seen it first, I hope you don't do anything to tell it because there are people like me who enjoy the ending, while there are people who don't see the ending.”

Kim Eun-yeong and Kwak Ji-myeong, sophomores in the English Education department, say that they try to avoid the spoiler, so they don’t use social network services(SNS) such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
They hear that other people spoil contents on web-site commentary of sports or an article that has nothing to do with a movie.
“I think it's an abuse of anonymity.” Ji Myeong said adding that “Spoilers don't care about the people have seen and haven't seen it. And this makes people angry.”
Eun Yeong agrees. “I think spoilers are rude to the filmmakers. They have spent a lot of time and effort making and providing movies, so I think it's rude to break them all down in one prank.”
She says “it's not polite and a little cruel to give a spoiling to someone who's looking forward to and justly paying for it.”

Kim So-yoon, an Early-child hood Education department student says “I don't hate spoilers very much, but I don't think they should speak the whole story of the movie to people who don't like! Also, the spoilers need to ask more carefully, or to state that there is a spoiler in the title of the Internet post.”

Jang Ji-yoon who is in the English Education department says that if she is spoiled by friends, she will want to break up with those.

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