Diaries Can Grow Children's Creativity
Diaries Can Grow Children's Creativity
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(Infographic = By reporter, Hwang Eun-ji) Writing a diary and parents' love.
(Infographic = By reporter, Hwang Eun-ji) Writing a diary and parents' love.

Famous comedian Se Youn You appeared on a broadcast program called Jipsabuilchae as a teacher of that program's casts. On that program, a diary that he writes with his son Min Ha You became a topic. He decided to start writing a special diary with his son because his son didn't like writing in a diary alone.  He asked one question per day. The questions that he wrote down and the answers that his sons wrote were so creative that people who watched were surprised.
Lots of parents who have children began to be curious about the effectiveness of the diary. To look more into the effects of diary writing, Seowon News interviewed Early Childhood Education Professor Min Jeong Kim who studied the effect of diary writing on children's creativity.
- SeowonNews : Can Se Youn You’s diary activity of asking one question a day, enhance children’s creativity?
- Kim Min Jeong : He is asking questions sometimes seriously and sometimes humorously. This method can lead his child to have a fresh view about his life. In particular, the child’s brain tends to think in a peculiar way. So asking questions that are open for any answer can help child think in different directions and can foster cognitive flexibility. Here are two most important points. One, parents should make children not feel burdened with a daily activity. Two, parents should support children to create their own answers guiding them to see familiar things as new things. Se Youn You is using these two points in his own way, so he is doing well in promoting his child’s creativity. Of course it has to be fun!
- SN : What teaching methods parents can use to increase their children’s creativity?
- KMJ : A democratic parent-child interaction culture that accepts children’s answers even if these answers are unreasonable or whimsical. The open minded attitude of parents is the most important factor in boosting children’s creativity. It is critical to cultivate creativity in childhood through their attitude rather than knowledge. Creativity can be created from the attitude of looking at familiar things in a different way, breaking usual patterns, creating new patterns, connecting unrelated things and finding common things among them. It is important to play with children and create new things in everyday life such as making questions about something obvious, exploring and finding new places around their house, and doing various art activities to make them be inspired. Those activities should consist of three elements; autonomy, interest, and enjoyment. Parents should allow their children to take the lead in what they are interested in. Also, they should support and respect their children with love and not be afraid of failure.
Thinking about everything Professor Kim said, we can know the importance of parents' educational role. Parents shouldn't educate their children just at the desk. They should go outside and give many chances to experience various things to their children.

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