Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender
Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender
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[Picture] Yi Soon Shin : Warrior and Defender
[Picture] Yi Soon Shin : Warrior and Defender

Onrie Kompan Recently successfully conducted fundraising activities for  Yi Soon Shin : Hunter and Destroyer. The comic will be available as soon as possible. Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender in 2015. These comic novels have been published 8 parts among 12-part-series until now. It is written in English. But it is also printed in Korean. Onrie Kompan Production already issued Fallen Avenger, Warrior and defender. When it published comic novels, American and Korean readers noticed about Onrie Kompan Productions. Onrie Kompan who is in Chicago He published a cartoon in 2012. In 2013, Yi Soon Shin series sold over 11,000 copies. This comic book quickly sold out at fourteen conventions in USA and Canada. Onrie Kompan is selling over 50,000 copies for 5 five years.

Yi Soon Shin is a comic character in the novels. And he is the historical hero in Imjin War in 1592. Giovanni Timpano who is a comics artist of Yi Soon Shin series portrayed battle scenes of war realistically. Most people like this factor. But a few people said it is cruel. The atmosphere in his comic novels is on the dark. Because of that, these comics show well how horrible the war is. Yi Soon Shin removed the bullet from his shoulder by using a knife when he was shot. Fans were impressed by this scene because the drawing style was very realistic. Therefore, many fans love these comic novels until now. Onrie Kompan has preparing for the last series.

Onrie Kompan is a writer of Yi Soon Shin series. He got to know about Yi Soon Shin in 2008. He was interested in him and Joseon Dynasty. He studied about Yi Soon Shin for three years. He is drawing 12-part-series cartoons until now. By the way, he had financial problems before publication of comic books. He tried crowd funding for printing cost of series in tumblbug. As soon as Korean fans heard it, they helped him. So, it was possible to publication. These cartoon series in Korean was published in 2015. Presently, Onrie Kompan Production issued 8 books of Yi Soon Shin series. They will publish the last 4-part-series. The first series is Warrior and defender which includes 4 books. And the second series is Fallen Avenger which contains 4 books. Finally, they have been preparing until now.

He follows original story line and creates a great scene by using his own expression method. Storyline of comic books is based on the history. Therefore, readers can learn acknowledges about the Korean history while they are reading a comic book. Because a foreigner drew about the Korean historical hero, Korean fans also love this novel. Although Onrie Kompan is American, he is trying to do. That’s why Korean fans support to him whether mental or physical.

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