An Unforgettable Experience: Sports Climbing
An Unforgettable Experience: Sports Climbing
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[Picture] Sports Climbing in Maroo Climbing Center
[Picture] Sports Climbing in Maroo Climbing Center

Climbing is a popular sport in Europe and America. But it is not yet well-known among Koreans. South Korea won a gold medal of Climbing in the 2018 Asian Games at Palembang, Jakarta, Indonesia. After the Competition of Climbing, people became interested in Sports Climbing. It has various climbing styles and diverse stages of difficulty. You can enjoy a lot of them. There are four climbing centers in Cheongju. Ji Ye-eun, a student of the department of English education and does sports climbing. The Seowon News sat down with her to share her experiences.

Seowon News: How did you learn about Sports Climbing? and When did you start?
Ji Ye-eun: My parents asked me to join, I applied for a weekend program sponsored by Cheongju Council of Sport for All when I was a middle school student. The Climbing center was around my house. I climbed on every Saturday afternoon for a year. 

S.N: What do you like about Sports Climbing?
JYE: When I started it, I was scared because I must to climb huge and high walls. And everything was new to me. I can feel like that I can forget all those hard times while I am climbing the wall. And I can also improve my fitness. And you can try Bouldering courses. Bouldering is that a user catches same color hold one by one. By solving climbing problems, I was interested it more. I have visited the Artificial Rock-Climbing Wall Course in Daejeon. It was also a new experience for me because it was for actual service not practice.

S.N: What do you want to say for new persons who want to start Sports Climbing?
JYE: It looks like that it is unique and so hard when you first experience Climbing. But it will be exciting and not so hard after start. And I suggest that you go to climbing center nearby your home. If you register with your friends, you can join Climbing better pleasantly with synergy effect.

Four climbing centers are suited in Cheongju. There are Orda, Rock, Tagy and Maroo Climbing Center. lesson fee includes lesson and use for a month is about 150,000 won. And climbing shoes are also required. It can be possible that a user rent shoes about 20,000 ~ 30,000 won. To catch a hold easily, users use the liquid chalk about 10,000 ~ 20,000 won. By the way, this is optional. To use more cheaply it is recommended that you register it with your friends. You can save up to 20 percent. Search for t ‘climbing centers in Cheongju’ on google to find out more. Stamina is also important for studying efficiency. Climbing helps you to raise your stamina.

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