The Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home
The Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home
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Air pollution is getting worse outside. So many people want clean air inside.
Preference of air purifying plants are rising because the air-purifying plants are cheaper than the air purifier. Many people prefer Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) Plants. CAM plants fix carbon .Information about CAM plants was recovered from Biology Dictionary Web pages.

CAM plants take in oxygen all along the surfaces of their leaves, open during the day to take in CO2 and release O2. B.C.Wolverton is an American scientist. He specialized in chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, marine biology and environmental engineering. He has written multiple books on air purification. His book ,‘Indoor air purification plants to save people 50’, contains information which plant is efficient for indoor. It was published in Korean in 2013.

With data based on NASA Clean Air Study and B.C.Wolverton’s books, Seowon News selected the best CAM plants for air purifying. Seowon News recommends the following plants for Seowon University students are suitable: Tillandsia, Sansevieria, Areca Palm Spathiphyllum Wallisii and Bamboo Palmo.

Tillandsia absorbs particles in air. It is from Central and South America. It does not require much water or soil. You can water of it only once a week. Spanish Moss, also absorbs particles. It grows on trees in bright shade condition. It is mostly placed on balconies.

Sansevieria has a superb ability. It is from eastern Africa. After the new construction, people who live in new houses can be sick from exposure formaldehyde, xylene, toluene in the construction materials. It is called sick house syndrome. Sansevieria absorbs them. It is preferred as housewarming present. You can just water to flower when it is thirsty.

Areca Palm can perform as an eco-friendly humidifier. It is from Madagascar.  It can regulate humidity level and intercept electromagnetic waves. Areca Palm took first place in selection of air purifying by NASA. It is also famous for green interior.

Spathiphyllum Wallisii passed air purifying test by NASA. It is from tropical America. It has outstanding air purifying ability. And it can get rid of mold spores. So, it usually grows in bathroom. It requires little water once a week. And It must to avoid direct sunlight.

Bamboo Palmo has an exceptional ability which can remove ammonia. It is from southern China. So, it primarily grows in restroom. Bamboo Palmo, but unlike other things, likes water. You must water to flower every other day in summmer.

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