Cave Exploration Club in Seowon University
Cave Exploration Club in Seowon University
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(Photo by Exploration Club)
(Photo by Exploration Club)

There are many clubs in Seowon University. The Cave Exploration Club is one of the historical clubs which was started in 1982. To know more about this club, Sewon News asked some questions to Jeon Jin-seok who is master of  the Cave Exploration Club.

-Seowon News: Can you explain briefly what you do in your club?
-Jeon Jin-seok: Our club usually explores the unopened caves in Korea and other countries, and its branch belongs to the academic department. It is not just about exploration, it is about academic exploration of the micro-landforms that have developed in caves.

-SN: Where do you usually go?
-JJS: We usually go to Jeongseon and Yeongwol in Gangwon Province in Korea.

-SN: Is the equipment prepared by the club members themselves?
-JJS: It is usually prepared by the person in charge and provided by club support.

-SN: When you go on explorations, which activities are being carried out?
-JJS: It is usually a one-night, two-day trip, so we are often forced to go camping. Before we camp, we pack tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, camping gear, and exploring equipment. After we come back, we clean up the equipment after the exploration.

-SN: What were your good and hard parts that you experienced when exploring caves?
-JJS: When I was a freshman, while practicing climbing, I fell from the 4th floor to 3rd floor in the 2nd Students Building. That experience was the hardest experience for me. On the other hand, while I am exploring caves, I feel like I am having a lot of fun. Especially, when I go to a place where it is hard to go, or where the scenery is beautiful.  That is what makes me think it was good to join this club.

-SN: Is there anything you want to say to Seowon University students?
-JJS: Many people don’t know about this club because we usually explore outside of school. Like any club, we get together often, so you can feel comfortable like family. If you want to join a club in our school, I hope you do not hesitate to try it.

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