The Basketball Club in Seowon University: Seonong-hwoi
The Basketball Club in Seowon University: Seonong-hwoi
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Ceremony Picture after won the award
Ceremony Picture after won the award


They practice at the gym. Their uniform’s color is bluish violet, and they’ve participated in two tournaments this year. The club’s name is ‘Seononghwoi’, which means ‘Seowon University’s basketball community’ Seowon News spoke with the Captian, Shin Gwang-sun.

 Seowon NewsN: Hello, please introduce yourself briefly. 

Shin Gwang-sun: Hi, I’m Shin Gwang-sun and I’m majoring in Physical Education in Seowon University.

SN: Let us know about the club’s history.

SGS: I don’t know the club’s history well neither, but this club has been started from 1996.

SN: What is the weekly or daily schedule for the club?

SGS: Our club is working out on every Monday and Wednesday from  7:00 to 9:30. We do team practice first. Then we play the match against each other. 

SN: Have you won the award recently by participating the tournament? 

SGS: Recently, we participated the Cheongryongbae/KUSF Daejeon and Chungcheong preliminary tournament. And we won the first prize in that tournament on April 13th. Then, we won the third prize as Chungcheongbuk-do college representative in the National Life Athletic Festival on April 27th.

If you want to see practice games or are interested in this club, you can go to the gym that locates in Seowon University.


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