SK Hynix Open Idea Contest
SK Hynix Open Idea Contest
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SK Hynix opened the third annual open idea contest about semiconductor on May first. The categories are Fabrication/Semiconductor device, Layout, and Solution.

First start of this contest was in June 6th 2017. The company holds this open idea contest because of the 4th industrial revolution. They expect the 4th industrial revolution will increase the demand and importance of data restoring and processing devices. And these techniques are based on semiconductors.

You must have the Korean nationality to participate in this open idea contest. The awards about the work will be distinguished into 4 levels for each category: Best prize, Excellence prize, Encouragement prize, and Passion and Ambitious prize. In addition, they will choose one project in all of it, and award as Grand prize. Winning entries receive a cash prize.

All projects will be judged in two stages. In the first stage, the projects will be graded for Creativity and Logic. In second stage, the projects will be evaluated for 4 criteria: Creativity, Logic, Practicality, and Effect. There are some benefits to people who will be awarded to the Grand prize and the Best prize. They will be ensured for entering SK Hynix. And other prize winners will be guaranteed to pass the documents screening.

This open idea contest will be continued until July 7th. If you are interested in this open idea contest or you want to check the details, you can check the official website of SK Hynix.


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