The Lack of Awareness of Plagiarism in Korean University Students
The Lack of Awareness of Plagiarism in Korean University Students
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The standards for plagiarism are not set in Korean universities. In Seowon University, there are school regulations for cheating on exam, but regulations about assignment, plagiarizing reports are not indicated.
Because of unclear criteria of plagiarism, students are confused what is considered plagiarism and paraphrasing. To Korean students, it is hard to tell the difference between them. Plagiarism plans vary from school to school.

Then, what happens if a student plagiarizes in Seowon University? I ask students in Seowon University if they have seen students who plagiarize. A student of the college of education says that one student copied someone's thesis. After that, professor gave him a C plus.
As a result, there are no Korea-wide systems for checking if research papers are plagiarized. This makes it very difficult for Korean professors to check if students copied or paraphrased ideas without giving a citation.

In English speaking universities, there are online tools that use databases to compare the words in research papers to published work. Turn it in ( is a popular plagiarism checking site. When students in English-speaking universities get caught plagiarizing, the penalty is usually failing the course and sometimes expulsion from the university.

When students are working on a school project or doing their reports, they almost use the Internet because of various data on the Internet. The problem is that students do not cite the sources of their assignment or copy others reports.
Some people even sell their reports which got a good score, A plus. Then students buy reports and submit it. Actually, the biggest problem is that students do not know what they were doing is plagiarism. A few students might think they just borrow others idea.
Copying and paraphrasing without citing are common types of plagiarism; so, they know that behavior is plagiarism. Using of your own earlier work is also the one of plagiarism. It is called self-plagiarism, but many people miss it.

Plagiarism harms Korean students when they attempt to study abroad. Using the same practices in foreign universities can cause extreme hardship. To prevent this, students can learn about the rules of plagiarism while they are in Korea.

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