Games Classification: Between Culture and Disease
Games Classification: Between Culture and Disease
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Recently the WHO, World Health Organization, registered a disease code to gaming disorder. Then, the game industry people reacted negatively about this. Some people think the games are the problem because they contain violent and addictive content. 

Against the idea that games are the problem, the game industry promoted the Game is Culture movement. Many gamers, streamers, and game inventors participated in this. An American company named ESA Entertainment Software Association posted a video that disagrees with the disease code. Furthermore, they insist that the game itself doesn’t cause game addiction. They say it is caused by a gamer’s environment, human relationships, mental illness, and other things.

In the news, the media reports many cruel crimes are caused by game addiction. They say that game addiction makes people lose their self-control and commit crimes. But, there are many factors that may contribute to crimes. There may be financial problems, mental problems, or family problems. Of course, game addiction can be dangerous especially for unstable people and growing adolescents. If someone plays games too much, he or she will think about only games. These people are more likely to commit crimes than normal people.

However, games can also have positive effects on people too. A website named Humble Bundle sells game bundles with cheaper than normal prices. They hold an event that donates to charity. Also, customers can decide the ratio of how much money game developers, charity, or Humble Bundle will get. This company grossed 1.5 million dollars over 8 years.  

So, how should we classify games? Should games be classified as culture or a disease? It is up to gamers and developers. Gamers should notice that games are not the real world. Gamers can release their stress on the internet world, but they should not forget that games are just a virtual world. For game developers, they should not make more irritating content such as sexual content, or bloodthirsty content because they make people think this is okay and they become numb to this kind of stimuli.

Parents or people who think games are a disease should respect gamers’ culture. If you suspect that someone is a game addict, it is important to find the cause of the game addiction and look for new and interesting body-moving activities. Do not completely prohibit people from playing games. That makes them obsess about the games.

These days, many things are considered as culture and personal preference. But if some culture goes too far, it can be dangerous for mental and physical health and relationships. Self-control is the most important thing to consider when playing games and you should pay attention to the people around you. Everything has both positive and negative effects. We must not see things with biased vision. We must consider merits and demerits.

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