Combined Classes: A New Kind of Class
Combined Classes: A New Kind of Class
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As we begin the 7th educational curriculum revision, our educational system is focussing more on learner-centered classrooms, and trying to help students become creative as they prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This focus has changed the appearance of the classroom compared to what they looked like in the past. Classes are becoming more student centered and multiple subjects are being combined into one class. These classes are not only focused on one field, but it converges talents in various fields that relate to each other. For example, to explain the Pythagorean scale in music class, it is combined with the Pythagorean theorem in math class.  By combining these two subjects, students can acquire contents more effectively than taking one class.

These classes currently take place in our school too. Our school offers these classes in the department of music education and math education. These classes are available to students who take both Music Teaching Method and Math Curriculum and Teaching Method.  This course is based on the flipped learning. It consists of preliminary lessons on the subject, student presentations and discussions following the professor’s assessment, and post lessons that organize and reflect on the learning contents. 

To get a student’s perspective on this kind of class The Seowon News interviewed a student who has taken this course, Park Hye-rin, a Music Education major student.

-The Seowon News: How did you feel about this class?

-Park Hye-rin:  While I took this class, at first it was more difficult and awkward to prepare for than other classes.   However, there were a lot of new things that I learned, and it was very helpful that the two subjects complimented each other.  Also, we prepared for high quality classes.

-SN: I think there were some difficulties and advantages when you combined two subjects. What were the difficulties and advantages?

-PHR: The hardest part was studying mathematics in music education and music in math education.  Tt took much time to inform and understand different subject’s contents. Also, we had difficulty in making appointments with other major’s friends because our  time tables were different.

If you give students this kind of combined class, I think it will really help them develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. In addition, teachers are expected to provide high quality classes because there is no choice but to pay attention to the lessons. In preparation for this class, I also tried to improve the quality of the class. And above all, I was able to learn the contents of mathematics applied in this class.

-SN: If you can combine two other subjects into one class, what subjects would you want to combine why?

-PHR: I would want to combine music and physical education because there are so many activities that would compliment both subjects such as dance and jump rope.

If we combine other subjects each other, there are many advantages for students and also teachers. So, I hope there will be more opportunities for more combined classes.

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