Marketing Targets Our Sensitivity
Marketing Targets Our Sensitivity
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When we buy something, we decide to buy it depending on our cognitive and emotional process. However, nowadays, more often than not our emotional process is influencing our purchasing decisions more than our cognitive process. In other words, companies do not want you to think that you are buying a t-shirt, they want you to think that you are buying an idea,  something that stimulates our sensitivity. Accordingly, there are many marketing strategies that target our sensitivity to sell products. Let’s look at a few examples of how companies do this.

The WHO.A.U, a Korean company,  is the brand name of a line of clothes.  It is popular for selling the California image.  Orange is the image of their symbol. When we enter the market, we can smell the orange scent. Also, WHO.A.U’s plastic bags are orange, and some products have California printed on them. By relating products with the California image such as an orange scent, they make WHO.A.U come to mind naturally when we think of California, which also affected sales.

Coca-Cola company made an event for foreign laborers. In Dubai, there are many foreign laborers who work for a better life for their family. Their average daily income is $6, and the cost of an international telephone call to their family is $0.91, which is one-sixth of a day’s wages. So, Coca-Cola made a special public telephone booth. If they have a Coca-Cola’s bottle top, they can call their family for free. In this event, Coca-Cola created an image of a person who gives and shares happiness to everyone, and people responded positively.

Finally, SWISS POST, also known as the  Swiss post office, wanted to advertise their parcel service. So, they put a mini car in a yellow delivery box, sprayed it on the street, and adjusted it to roam around. As this delivery box roams around the street, people wonder what it is. The delivery box stops in front of people everywhere on the street, and when they open it they receive a small gift with the phrase ‘your parcel will be delivered exactly whenever and wherever.’ One example, a couple sitting on a bench received a box with flowers, and a box with dog gum stopped in front of a dog taking a walk. This event became popular and is appreciated as a service that delivers exactly what people need, even for animals.

When we look around the market or media, we can see many marketing strategies targeting our sensitivity to sell products. If we can notice this marketing, we can understand the hidden message or intention of the marketing.

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