Seowon Students Can Find Good Restaurants
Seowon Students Can Find Good Restaurants
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On July 12th, Kim Hong-kyeong advocated for consumers, using his Youtube channel named Hong-sound. He is a food creator who runs an eating show channel that shares various information about good and tasty food.

However, while he was recording a new chicken product, he felt that the chicken was already an existing chicken product, not a new one. He called and investigated the owner of the chicken store and a head office of the chicken store. After that, he knew he was being tricked into believing a product that already existed was new. Also, he watched a similar scam on the internet, so he decided to post his video to prevent other tricks.

Through a negotiation with the head company, he announced that consumers who had been tricked could get a refund from the company. In addition, he shared the owner’s apology and deleted videos because he just wanted to let people know about good food and did not want to attack store owners, and the owner who repented for her mistake.

Furthermore, he added he would keep trying his best to introduce good and honest foods to consumers. Likewise, we can get some useful information about good restaurants. To introduce how to find good restaurants, Seowon News interviewed some students.

Park Hyun-ha, sophomore student in the English Education department said, “The way I usually look for a good restaurant is through social media such as Facebook or Instagram because, nowadays, these tools are developed and easy to use, so I don’t have to walk around looking for restaurants. However, I don’t believe everything I see on Facebook. Then I search the blog to know the prices, and I view realistic pictures”.

Another sophomore student, Han Jeong-min, said she usually refers to super-bloggers who have powerful influences on people or Everytime application which can share students’ opinions. When she uses blogs run by super bloggers, she selects super bloggers who are fair and don’t receive any sponsors or support. This is because they write how clean the restaurant is, how good or bad the services are, and they talk about the food in detail. Furthermore, in Everytime app, she can find good restaurants near Seowon University. There are events and information for Seowon students about what restaurants offers, partnership services with students, and cost-efficient of food. This helps her decision making process.

Park Hyun-ji, a sophomore student in the Social Welfare department, said, “I also use social media, but sometimes I just walk around and enter a restaurant randomly. If it is great, I visit again.” When she orders delivery food, she uses ‘Bae-dal-eui-min-joek’, (Tribe of delivery) application and compares a lot of reviews.

As mentioned, we can use these methods to eat honest and good foods. Seowon News hopes students can be helped by this information, and recommends you to share your frank reviews to your friends and the people around.

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