A New International Exchange Program with England
A New International Exchange Program with England
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(Photo = Lee Yoo-jeong) A school building
(Photo = Lee Yoo-jeong) A school building

This summer, Seowon University added a one-month short-term exchange program with the United Kingdom. Prior to this program, there were only two short-term exchange programs in our school and they were partnered with schools in Malaysia and Taiwan. The new exchange program with England has some unique characteristics.

The school of the exchange program is the University of Wolverhampton, located in the United Kingdom. Here students study English at the International Academy, Telford Innovation Campus with other foreign students. There are five levels of English. Morning classes starts at 9:30am and end 12:45pm. After lunch, the afternoon classes start at 2:15pm and end at 4:30pm. For the afternoon classes, there are three options that you can choose, such as Media, Professional Communication, and Art and Design. After these classes, there are some optional activities you can choose from such as sport classes, dance classes, and film nights. Every Wednesday, students go on whole-day trips to London, Liverpool, and Cambridge. On Fridays, after morning classes, there are half-day trips to Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, and Ironbridge which are located nearby the campus.

The Seowon News interviewed two students who experienced both Malaysia and England programs, and was asked how they feel about these programs.

-The Seowon News: How do you feel about this program? Is it good or bad?
-Jang Won Gil, English Education Major: I had a great opportunity to experience British culture, which we did not have as much access to as we had before. During the first and second week, it was good for me to have an opportunity to make foreign friends from Italy, Nepal, and China. However, because of the addition of Koreans, I was sad that the advantages of taking classes with foreign friends from various countries disappeared.

-SN: What do you think is the difference between the programs with Malaysia and England?
-Jo Byeong Guk, English Education Major: I liked the way the classes were in Malaysia more. In the UK, the English classes mainly discussed the culture, but in Malaysia, the class learned all four skills including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Also, I liked being able to go to London with my favorite stadium tour, but the shortcoming was the high cost of transportation because of the long distance. However, Malaysia has the advantage of being able to travel quickly by plane to places like Singapore and Kota Kinabalu.

-SN: Would you recommend this program to other students? What do you want to say to Seowon University students who will go in the future?
-JWG: I would like to recommend both programs. If you study about the country in advance, prepare what you are going to do so you will be able to experience a variety of things in each country.
-JBG: I learned a lot from the Malaysia program, but I also experienced various things from the England program. I think if you apply to a country that you want to visit, you will participate without regret.

For more information, visit this website http://www.wlv.ac.uk, or visit our International Exchange Center in our school.

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