Grab: Malaysia’s Uber of Southeast Asia
Grab: Malaysia’s Uber of Southeast Asia
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Southeast Asia's Leading Ride-Hailing Platform
(Infographic = By reporter, Kang In-cheol) A Grab logo and functions/ Available countries about Grab
(Infographic = By reporter, Kang In-cheol) A Grab logo and functions/ Available countries about Grab

Many people visit Southeast Asia for vacation, study and other reasons. Many Seowon University students have studied in Malaysia through an English program of the International Interchange Center. Except for when they are in class, they are free to go and do whatever they want. Therefore, many students take trips within Kuala Lumpur. Grab is an application which provides car-sharing, delivery and provides an earned discount system. It is mainly used to call taxis to take people to their destinations. Whether the destination was near or far, most students who used Grab felt that the prices were reasonable. Students who studied English in Malaysia this summer said that Grab is a very convenient and reasonable application. To get a better idea of what Grab is and does, we will offer information about Grab and share an interview of a student who used Grab while in Malaysia.

Grab is advertised as Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing platform. It provides services in 319 cities in 8 countries. Many visitors who travel in Southeast Asia suffer from paying high taxi fare. Grab offers reasonably priced services to its users. This program has contracts with regular drivers as well as taxi drivers. Users can use Grab conveniently and there are various options. Moreover, users can move to their destinations by calling six seated vehicles when they are six people. Users can use Grab for delivery purposes as well as car-sharing. In Southeast Asia, many people are using Grab more often than Uber because Grab is a localized application of Southeast Asia. Some people say that Grab is the Uber of Southeast Asia. Uber is much bigger and offers service to over 700 cities in 71 countries but Uber required customers to use credit cards and many people want to spend cash. To meet this preference mode of payment, Grab recommended customers to pay with cash. This ease of preferred payment helped Grab become quite prevalent in Southeast Asia countries.

Seowon News interviewed Student Kwak Je Heon, a student of the department of English Education at Seowon University, to learn more about his experiences using Grab.

-Seowon News: How did you feel the first time you used Grab?

-Kwak Je Heon: When I first heard of Grab, I thought it would be like Kakao Taxi.  However, these two programs are quite different. Kakao users can check the estimated rate, but they cannot check how much the real taxi fare is. I was surprised that Grab users can know the real taxi fare and pay predetermined fees.

-SN: What did you like most about Grab?

-JH: As mentioned earlier, it was convenient that I just had to pay predetermined fees when I wanted to call the taxi. Furthermore, it was also reasonably priced. I could use it more cheaply because I used Grab with my friends.

-SN: What was the most negative point about Grab?

-JH: It was more expensive when it rained and during rush hour. A few Grab drivers got lost because they were just regular drivers, not taxi drivers, so sometimes I was late. 

-SN: Do you think Grab will be able to be applied to South Korea?

-JH: Until today, there have been several strikes and demonstrations by taxi drivers in South Korea. They think Grab will invade their right to make a living. The difference between Grab and Kakao Taxi is the employment of regular drivers. TADA service is also contracting with taxi drivers. If the law is reorganized so that regular drivers can also operate a taxi service, Grab will also become more common in South Korea.

Many people who visit and live in Malaysia are using Grab for commuting. It has become an essential application in Malaysia. When Seowon University students travel to Malaysia as part of the English Program, students should use Grab because it is a safe, convenient, and an economical way to travel.

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