Two Faces of Foreign Stars
Two Faces of Foreign Stars
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A famous soccer player Christiano Ronaldo and a British singer-songwriter Anne Marie, these two famous celebrities visited Korea. However they showed totally different attitudes to Korean fans. C.R gave disappointment to his fans, whereas A.M's fans were touched by her manner. Today, their conflicting responsibility about their manners and Korean's reactions to these events became an issue.

(Infographic = By reporter, Hwang Eun-Ji) Fans' conflicted attitudes of two stars
(Infographic = By reporter, Hwang Eun-Ji) Fans' conflicted attitudes of two stars

Korea is a big market for entertainment so lots of Koreans enjoy their lives in their own way. That way can be watching sports, enjoying concerts or anything. For more rich entertainment, they pay a large amount of money.

Ronaldo's fans heard that he will come and play the game in South Korea, they pay up to 400,000 won to see him. However, Koreans fans were disappointed and angered by C.R's bench-warming presence at a friendly match between Juventus FC and a team of K League players. Even though he had promised to play 45 minutes during that game, he didn't play any game even one second. It's also wrong to break the promise, but taking no action against it and not apologizing has made fans even angrier. Juventus, the team that C.R is affiliated to, said that Ronalod's absence was due to tiredness from previous games and that he needed rest. Only the Fasta, the company that organized the K League, apologized about that event to the victims. The irresponsible attitude taken by C.R and Juventus further angered the fans.

On the other hand, A.M took a conflicting attitude against C.R. She was scheduled to arrive at the Holiday Land Festival in Incheon Paradise City on the July 28th, but her performance was canceled because of the rainy weather and the risk of safety damage. Canceled performance made A.M feel sorry for her Korean fans who had waited for hers. Therefore, she said "I am really sorry for my Korean fans and I love you." Also, her performance was scheduled at 9 pm but she told Social Network Service (SNS) that her own free show will be held at Incheon Paradise City Hotel Rubic Lounge from 11:30 pm. She even made a live broadcast on SNS for fans who did not come to the scene. Although her official performance was canceled, she made on individual stage for the fans. The responsible attitude of the singer who tried to keep her promise with her fans was impressed even in poor performances. Also her attitude showed A.M's true fan love.

Due to their different responses, one netizen posted on his/her Twitter, 'From now on, Ronaldo's anti-symbol is Anne-Marie.'

Of course there may be circumstances for Ronaldo that we didn't know. However, it deserves criticism for not even apologizing to fans regardless of the circumstances. Celebrities should know that they exist because of their fans' love and attention. Also they should respect their fans.

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