Meet Student Rapper Lee Do Yoon
Meet Student Rapper Lee Do Yoon
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[Picture] The studio of Lee Do-yoon
[Picture] The studio of Lee Do-yoon

Here at Seowon University, there is a student who has a special hobby. He writes and performs rap. The Seowon news met student rapper, Lee Do-yoon. Here is the interview.

Seowon News : Hello, please introduce yourself.

Lee Do Yoon : Hello, students of Seowon University. My name is Lee Do-yoon and I am a freshman majoring in Multimedia.


SN : Do Yoon. I heard you write and perform rap. Is there any particular reason you started  rapping? What inspires you to make rap?

LDY : About two years ago, I went through a hard time, so I started writing diaries. Also, I wanted to tell my friends and other people about my life. That was the beginning of my rapping. From there on, I have been writing lyrics and studying sound mixing on my own.

SN : Have you ever performed in front of a crowd such as an audition or school club festival?

LDY : No, I have not. I'm interested in making my work, so I do not think about performing. Instead of performing in public, I share similar interests with others by uploading works online.


SN : Why did you decide on your major Multimedia instead music? Do you want to be in the music business?

LDY : The reason I chose Multimedia as my major is I like making my own work. Mastering sound is helpful in editing video and making new content which is important in my major.  I have not shaped my course with rapping so far.


SN : Would you recommend one of your works for Seowon University students?

LDY : I recommend listening to the song, "Fly with you" on YouTube channel “도순”. I made this song with a female vocalist.  I was joyful with anticipation before a trip to Busan trip with my classmates.  This song is energetic and positive.

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