The Last Newspaper of My School Life
The Last Newspaper of My School Life
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Reflecting on My Time as a Reporter for the Seowon News

[Picture] Reporter, Kang In-cheol

At the end of the 528th issue of this newspaper, I will leave The Seowon News because of my graduation in February 2020. By publishing in 15 issues, I felt many things over eight semesters. I thought that I was just a student who studied at the university when I was a freshman. However, I was able to feel a sense of belonging and duty after joining The Seowon News. I reported on cases about my university and wrote numerous articles. I was fascinated with posting my articles in the English newspaper. I worked as a reporter with increased confidence for Seowon University English newspaper over three years.

Of course, there were many difficulties during my period at The Seowon News. I missed a deadline and also found problems after publication. For instance, my colleagues and I occasionally found misprints after the publication of an issue. However, I was also able to improve my problem-solving abilities.

Seowon University provides a lot of scholarships for student reporters. I recommend you work for The Seowon News as a reporter if you like to write articles and want to pay for tuition yourself without being helped by anybody. In addition, you can experience a lot as a student reporter. When reporters go out to cover the news, they have many more opportunities to meet celebrities than normal people. Besides, they can more easily enter the most inaccessible places because they are reporters.

Student reporters can get a lot more information than other students at university. You can also widen your view if you work as a student reporter at Seowon University. I suggest catching an opportunity to work for the university newspaper when you are a university student.

Over three years, I think I have no regrets about my campus life. If possible, I may meet the Seowon University students again by writing another article or column after I graduate


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