Most Students Do Not Know about Overseas Employment
Most Students Do Not Know about Overseas Employment
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If students know their goal and know themselves, they can work abroad
[Infographic] Working Abroad
[Infographic] Working Abroad

After the final exam, the winter vacation will start again. During this time, graduates and those who are about to graduate will prepare constantly in order to get a job. Korea is currently in a dangerous situation because of slow growth and high unemployment. In light of this, many universities are presently encouraging young people to enter the global market as well as the domestic market. Recently, they have also been conducting different programs related to overseas employment such as the ‘Overseas Employment Project’, ‘Preparation for Japanese Employment’, and ‘Foreign Investment Enterprise Class’. We can obtain significant information, but it is hard to obtain the desired information. For instance, two out of ten people hope to work abroad, but the information they have may be limited. 

Accordingly, The Seowon News can provide the information you need in order to prepare when looking for a job overseas and sites that can be useful when doing this. The Seowon News recommends that you learn about the most basic site known as ‘LinkedIn’ which is used by over 500 million people. It can be found at ‘LinkedIn (’. With this Site, you can find people who work at, or have worked for your future company, and ask questions about issues you would like to know about. It is used as a social network for professionals to communicate. ‘LinkedIn’ is specialized in business. It enables people to update their profile and career status. 

There are common mistakes made by Koreans on LinkedIn. The first mistake is not adding a photo and their full name. It is easier to trust somebody who displays their photo and name accurately. The second mistake is writing in Korean. If you write in Korean, people of various nationalities will not be able to view your profile because English is an official global language of communication. The third mistake is to use the section below your name to actively look for opportunities. This section is very important. Therefore, you have to make a strong impression in this section by instead highlighting your professional skills and motivation. By doing this, more recruiters will likely contact you after seeing your profile. It is unnecessary to express that you are looking for a job now. The fourth mistake is to post your notice similar to Facebook. Facebook mostly shares individual connections and their everyday lives, but LinkedIn shares various information related to professional factors. The last mistake is to ask questions that are too reliant on other people. 

The human resources development service of Korea runs ‘Worldjob+’ for helping young Korean’s to find job opportunities abroad. If you succeed in getting a job through ‘Worldjob+’, you might receive a supporting fund as a part of the government’s resettlement program. They pay benefits on a sliding scale according to two options. There are preferred nations and advanced nations. If you work in a preferred nation, you could receive up to 8 million won or if you work an advanced nation, you could receive up to 4 million won. For more details, you can check ‘Worldjob+ (’. It also provides reliable job postings.

Finally, The Seowon News recommends using ‘Glassdoor (’. If you input the country and job that you want in ‘Glassdoor’, it will show the average salary. You can also compare your salary with the average salary of other companies. The Seowon News suggests that you check the country’s average salary through ‘Glassdoor’. Based on that, you can compare it with your offered salary, and start to negotiate with the company.

Actually, if you go to Europe or other developed countries, the government will protect labor contracts by law. So, the company will most likely guarantee what they promise. However, some countries might not have the same protections. Therefore, please check your contract, research thoroughly, and prepare for this possibility. There may also be allowances for things such as Night shift work, Weekday overtime work and, Weekend overtime work. You will need to check what allowances you will potentially be able to get. Also, please check the annual bonus and leave policies provided by the company.

In Korea, a tight job market means deteriorating conditions for young people. Consequently, the number of people who are preparing for a job abroad is increasing. If you have more information than other people, you will be able to search for your job more easily.

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