Meet Student Kim Jeong-hyun
Meet Student Kim Jeong-hyun
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Here at Seowon University, there is a student who has a special hobby. He writes and reads novels and has his own channel on YouTube. The Seowon News interviewed him.

-The Seowon News: Hello, please introduce yourself.

-Kim Jeong-hyeon: Hello, I am a junior student in the English Education Department. In my major, people call me Robert or Radung because my old Kakao-Talk name was Robert.

-SN: We heard your hobby is to write novels and read the Bible. When did you start doing this? And if you had a special reason to start it, what was the reason?

-KJH: I have written novels or scenarios since I was 15 years old. The reason I started is because writing my own words was much easier for me and helped me understand books.. At that time, I completed a first written scenario, read it, and it was terrible. Therefore, I began planning a specific background, characters, and genre for 5 years. I completed my first novel in the winter vacation of my freshman year.

I have read the Bible since I was an elementary school student, when I first joined religion. I started reading with a clear purpose when I was a sophomore in high school. That is when I first became interested in international politics. In international politics, religion is the biggest influence of politics so at that time, I started to read the Bible meticulously because the cause of many conflicts are over the belief of the Bible. Understanding the Bible helps me understand more details of the conflicts today. Now, I have read the Bible ten times in Korean and four times in English.

-SN: What is the storyline of your novel?

-KJH: Basically, I have written a full-length novel series. The main genre is science fiction, but I also mixed in action, fantasy, and sports. There are two sections in our world. One is our ideal place where everything is possible, and everyone lives peacefully. However, the other is a real place where everything has limited capacity and life is limited. In this place there are countries, religions, and statuses.  The main content of my novel is written in the form of a diary by virtual characters. My goal is to complete fifteen story chapters in subsections titled, The Legend, The Master, and The Revolution.

-SN: What is your plan for the future?

-KJH: I will complete the novel series right after this winter vacation. Furthermore, I want to add new content on my YouTube channel. For example, I want to make a video that I share a story about a specific topic with my friends while I am eating. Also, I will study hard as I become a fourth grader.



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