A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
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Hello guys, I’m Eun-bi, a junior student in the English Education Department. I have worked for three years in the department of the English newspaper for The Seowon News. I want to tell you about my experience and feelings about the work I have done for past three years.

When I was a freshman, I applied for a reporter position in the department of English newspaper with my senior’s recommendation. At first, I had never thought that I would work for a long time. However, the more I wrote the articles, the more I felt fulfilled. I have worked with a sense of responsibility as a head of The Seowon News. At first, I just supported my senior reporter, so I did not know how our articles were made and processed. However, when I became a head of the department, I planned from A to Z such as the date of story idea and publishing. Of course, it was more burdensome and harder than before, but I could feel more rewarded and have more affection for our articles.

Although I sometimes felt overwhelmed, I have never regretted becoming a reporter of The Seowon News, because I have learned new things in the work and have met good people in the Seowon News department. I want to express gratitude to everyone in The Seowon News, and if you are interested in writing articles or English, apply to it right away. I can say it will give you the most valuable experience in your school life.



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