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‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’: A Book That Gives You Dreams, Courage, and Gratitude

On the first page of the book Chicken Soup for the Soup, two authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, give an overview of their book. They write that chicken soup is a home remedy made by mothers or grandmothers when people have a bad cold in America. Similarly, writers become cooks, as they pour many ingredients in their writer’s soup like the beautiful stories about our lives, the touching stories which make people cry, and a lot of anecdotes of wisdom. After reading this book, it is my hope that students receive comfort and feel brave enough to try something new.

(Picture = By reporter, Lee Yoo-jeong) Chicken Soup for the Soul books series
(Picture = By reporter, Lee Yoo-jeong)

There are four inspirational chapters that cover dreams, courage, belief, and something we forgot. The first section is about dreams. In this chapter, there are some real stories of people achieving their dreams after suffering hard times. While reading this part, readers are challenged to imagine their past dreams, present dreams, and possible dreams in the future. Also, it causes readers to think about what they really want to do for their lives.

If you are afraid to try something new, then you should read the part about courage. There are a few real stories, fictional stories, and poetry. These writings will encourage you to try new things and bravely confront your phobias. There is an important sentence that makes you think of bravery. “Courage does not mean there is no fear. It means acting in spite of fear”. This is especially good for introverts.

When you are in a slump, it is important to be around someone who can be supportive to help you overcome your difficulties. Also, people who don’t have their specific values can still be guided by their principles. Whenever you are tired and have difficulty staying focused, think of the following sentence to give you motivation and help cheer you up. “If you are keeping your eyes fixed on the target, you do not see any obstacles”.

The last part that covers what we forget in our lives will give you some different lessons. You can feel gratitude in your lives, and also you can think of trivial events differently. In addition, you might learn to be patient and look back on your own lives. Then you can make a happy life by using and keeping these lessons in your hearts.

In fact, I want to share this book with Seowon University students because it has changed my life. I believe it will change your lives in a positive way as well. Here are two sentences from the book that will encourage you to never give up in life.

“Whoever devotes passion to what he or she loves never gives up”.

“It shows that you can do anything as long as you do not just sit back in life and abandon the idea of no”.

It is my hope that you have a thankful heart, a firm faith, a dream you believe in, and confidence to get the things you want. Then you must be able to reach your goals like having a job you want, getting good grades, or ultimately enjoying your lives.

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