A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
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(Picture = By reporter, Lee Yoo-jeong)
(Picture = By reporter, Lee Yoo-jeong)

I have mixed feelings about leaving The Seowon News after writing this article. I feel a little bit regretful because I didn't write a lot of articles about our school and for Seowon University students. However, overall, I was really satisfied with my life at The Seowon News.

I learned a lot of things while I was here as a student reporter. First of all, I was able to learn how to write English articles. It was totally different from writing Korean articles, so at first, I had problems writing reports in English. I also learned how to edit the newspaper through an editing program called InDesign. 

As a reporter for The Seowon News, I learned rules that I had to follow, such as submitting files on time, being on time for every Wednesday’s conference, and so on. All these factors will help me adapt and learn when I join any organization or company in the future. 

Overall, life at The Seowon News was very impressive and it was a memorable experience for me, even though it was difficult at times. In addition, I will not forget this experience and the support of my co-reporters working with me.

I recommend that you become a student reporter if you are interested in this area, or want to have a great experience during your college life.

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