A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
A Farewell, Leaving The Seowon News
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[Picture] Gim Seon Hwa
[Picture] Gim Seon Hwa

About 3 years ago, when I was a freshman, I first heard about The Seowon News. I had written English articles for a newspaper in high school, so I applied as a reporter for The Seowon News.

At first, I was surprised because there were a lot more things to do as a reporter than I expected. To publish a paper, reporters have to make project proposals about a variety of topics such as politics, social issues, world trends, school & campus, education, and culture. The proposals were, of course, about up to date issues. We would then have a planning meeting to choose good topics. As far as I can recall, the first meeting took about more than three3 hours. After meeting, we would modify our project proposals and adjust the amount of articles and  start to write articles. Also, we made infographics or found some proper pictures for our articles. Since we had to write our articles in English, we received several English writing and translating training. Then, we proofread and revised our articles with native English-speaking professors.

Of course, there were difficulties working with other people like conflict of opinions. However,  it is chance to learn how to work as a team. By doing this, it has expanded my intellectual horizons. Working as a student reporter is time-consuming, but it has been worth my time.

If you are interested, just apply to The Seowon News. It is a chance to meet many people and learn a lot. It will also help you create good memories of your time at university life.

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