Breaking Gender Stereotypes
Breaking Gender Stereotypes
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Old Roles are Changing

One of the hottest issues for the last couple of years has been gender stereotypes. Because of that, the media and many people are trying to emphasize females’ independence and break gender stereotypes. An example of this shift in how women are portrayed can be seen in the remakes of older movies. Aladdin is one such movie that does this.

The first Aladdin movie is an animated film, made in 1992 by a company named Walt Disney. In May of 2019, this movie was released again however, there are many differences compared to the original movie film. The first difference is that there are real actors for movie characters, not animated characters. The second one is that they changed some details of the movie, especially about one of the main characters, Jasmine. This recent movie emphasized Jasmine’s autonomy more than the animated version. This content is expressed well in the song Speechless. Furthermore, she became the first female Sultan, at last, overcoming the constraints imposed on women.

There is also a drama that emphasizes the independence of women. It is called Enter Your Searchword - WWW. Most of TV dramas develop stories with both main male and female characters. However, the main characters in this drama are three women. Moreover, the role of men and how they are portrayed has changed as well. Recently there are many male homemakers in TV shows. This phenomenon means a lot. If a man does house chores on TV, many people will not think it is strange or abnormal. It means people do not think that jobs are fixed for each gender.

A final example is the change of gender roles is shown by a K-POP girl group AOA’s stage. They performed a stage at a TV show, Queendom, which is a competitive program with girl groups. They performed on stage wearing men suits for each member. More surprisingly, their male back-dancers were wearing female garments. This change of clothes means that genders are not confined to traditional fashion expectations.

Like the examples above, gender stereotypes are changing. The most important thing is doing our best to get rid of these stereotypes in our minds. It is very difficult to change someone’s thought suddenly. To change these prejudices, tolerance and respect are needed. At first it is challenging for everyone. However, if you start taking a step, the second step will be much easier than you thought. That one step can help break unhealthy stereotypes and open doors to a more diverse and tolerant culture.

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