The New Place, Future Plus at Seowon Universtiy
The New Place, Future Plus at Seowon Universtiy
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[Infographic] Gim Seon Hwa
[Infographic] Gim Seon Hwa


On September 24th, the opening ceremony of the Future Plus was held in the Future Creation Center. This area has been designed as a user-centered space where people can study, discuss ideas, or even take a rest. Future Plus was chosen as a name to represent the future development and growth to be made at Seowon University.

Unfortunately, there have been some concerns. Some students have complained about the atmosphere of the Future Plus area on the Seowon University online community site, especially during the exam period. The issue was that a few students made gestures telling some students to be quiet. One student said, "I know the Future Plus area is for studying together, but during the exam period, there are many students there to study alone quietly. Therefore, people must keep quiet in the Future Plus area". Another student said, "The Future Plus is a place like a study cafe and is a place for rest. I do not agree with that. If you want to study in a silent place, then go to another place."


The official purpose of Future Plus

Future Plus is a place where the people of Seowon University (students, professors, teaching assistants, and staff) are at liberty to have a discussion and work on team performance. That is the explanation of the place on the Seowon University website. School employees have said this place is similar to the Havruta area, but users also have to observe good manners. If people want to study in a silent place, they can use the reading rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Future Creation Center.


Guidance for Future Plus

Everyone at Seowon University can access the Future Plus area. You can use any of the seats at Future Plus. However, if you want to use the window seats, you should reserve those seats. There are 40 window seats, and you can use the seat reservation system which is in the lobby on the first floor. You can use this place for teaching or learning in groups if you contact the Research Information Service (043-299-8075) at least a week in advance. The service hours of the Future Plus are from 8 A.M. to 12 A.M. every day.

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