Donating Blood Can Save Lots Of People’s Lives
Donating Blood Can Save Lots Of People’s Lives
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Blood donation is the practice of love in which a healthy person gives his or her blood at no cost to others whose health or life is in danger due to a lack of one or more of the blood's ingredients. It is the only way to save the lives of patients who need blood transfusions, because blood does not have a substance that can be artificially made or replaced.

In order to donate blood, it is important to know information about blood donation. There are two types, a blood donation and a plasma donation. A blood donation contributes all ingredients of the blood to others, and the plasma donation is donates only certain ingredients from the blood. 

Only those aged 16 to 69 can participate in blood donation. Also, men should weigh at least 50kg, and woman should weigh at least 45kg. There is more criteria about it including the following: donors should not be overworked, drunken, on their period of menstruation, anemic,  within six months of a general anesthesia operation, or within a month of any small operations. These criteria are important because we should only donate healthy blood from healthy people to give good blood to patients.

There are lots of gifts for donors. If you donate blood, you can get a blood donation certificate. The blood donation certificate is a testament to the normal performance of blood donation, and it can help you to get blood transfusions later. You can also receive many souvenirs such as blood mascot character products, stationery, restaurant vouchers, movie tickets and other things.  Lastly, when you donate blood, you will be able to document the volunteer time. Four hours per donation is recognized as the service time.

Examining the above information, there is something to gain from donating blood, and nothing to lose. There is a bus that comes to Seowon University once a year that opens as a station for students to donate blood. If many students participate in donating blood, lots of lives can be saved and the world may become healthier.

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