The New Online Study Trend of Generation Z
The New Online Study Trend of Generation Z
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Nowadays, the online study room has started to catch on. It is a new way to study and it is replacing traditional offline study groups. This study practice is part of the unique culture of Generation Z. This article will introduce who Generation Z is, talk about various ways to study online, and share an interview about the use of Instagram.

Generation Z

Generation Z refers to people born between the 1990s and 2000s. These people are also described as digital natives. Members of Generation Z are used to using IT and the Internet. The background of the new study trend is a defining feature of Generation Z. Generation Z tends to pursue impersonal relationships, so an online study room is the best way to study. The best thing about online studying is that people do not need to meet offline. People can save time and money by not having to rent a place to study.

Various ways to study online

People are using many social media forums to start online studies. For example, there is Instagram, Youtube and Naver band. Among them, the most popular platform is Instagram. In Korea, people call it “Gongstagram.” It is a mixed word using gong, the initial word of study in Korean, and Instagram.

An interview with a student using Instagram

To listen to the reality of the online study, The Seowon News interview a Seowon University student who uses Instagram for study.

The Seowon News: Hi. This is The Seowon News. Can you tell me why you started to use Instagram?
Student : About three months ago, my roommates told me about Instagram. It sounded interesting to me, so I started using Instagram to study.

SN : How do you use Instagram for studying? Tell me in detail.
S : I use a stopwatch to check how many hours I study and planners to check my daily study plan. Every morning, I upload the picture of my study plan for the day. In the evening, I upload the pictures of the checklist and the stopwatch.

SN : What is the benefit of Instagram?
S : I often want to skip studying. When I look at the study records in study groups on Instagram, it motivates me to study. Also, I can see my study records at a glance. Through the record, I know how much I study.

Some study groups make their own study rules. For example, when one member uploads his study records steadily for a month, he is given a chance to rest for a day. If someone does not upload their study records on Instagram without permission, the member should give coffee coupons to other members in the study group. For these reasons, I highly recommend using Instagram. It is a win-win way to achieve goals for all members, and it helps us motivate each other.

[Picture] The picture of online study 2
[Picture] The picture of online study 1



[Picture] The picture of online study 1
[Picture] The picture of online study 2



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