Dealing With Fine and Yellow Dust
Dealing With Fine and Yellow Dust
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Get Ready with Me!
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang si-won] Cleansing daily routine in spring
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang si-won] Cleansing daily routine in spring

Spring Daily Routine

The fine dust and yellow dust that are concentrated in every spring are our concerns. Do you know that fine dust is smaller than pores? So, if you don’t wash off well, it will stick into your pores and cause trouble and inflammation. Let’s find out what other ways to protect our skin from fine dust and more.


- Before Going Out

<Wash Hands>

Washing hands is the most important part of cleansing because no matter how hard you wash your face if your hands are not clean the bacteria on your hands will get on your face. The best way to keep your hands clean is to keep your nails short, but if you can’t do it, be aware to wash under your nails.

<Wash-up After Wake-up>

Use medicated cleansing solution to balance the skin’s moisture in preparation for fine dust attacks. This also prevents skin dryness and fights against wrinkles.


- While Going Out

Wearing a mask is essential. Especially, when the concentration of fine dust is high, wearing a mask is a must for outdoor activities if you want to protect your lungs.


- After Going Out

<Use Shampoo>

After outdoor activities, lots of waste and dust are on your head. If the fine dust on your hair is buried in your skin or pillow, it can cause skin problems, so pillow covers should always remain clean. Therefore, wash your hair in the evening if possible. If it is difficult to wash sheets repeatedly, a new technique is to spread towels and change towels regularly.

<Wash-up After Go Out>

The first cleansing is only to remove the dust from the downy of the skin. If you rub the skin for too long in the first step, it can irritate the skin. Therefore, the first cleansing is should be done fast and lightly. It is important to carefully cleanse the side of your nose and eyes with your pinky fingers.


After removing the oil from pores by cleansing, the pore will become empty. The pore stays empty for a long time, then, the oil will go inside again and make trouble. So, you must fill the pores with moisture quickly. If you have normal skin, you should rinse your skin lightly with water, then complete it with a moisturizing cream. Or, if you have dry skin, rinse your face with water, then soak your skin with lotion, and finally soothe your skin with moisturizing cream.


- Pro tip

Do you have an important appointment tomorrow? Are you worried about your skin trouble? During the second round of cleansing, make enough foam, put it on the acne, let it soak for about three minutes and then rinse.

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