Musical Cats and Movie Cats
Musical Cats and Movie Cats
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Musical Cats and Movie Cats poster
(Distributor-Universal Pictures) Musical Cats and Movie Cats poster

The world-renowned musical Cats was released as a movie on December 2, 2019, but it was a box-office failure as it had a loss of about $70 million. Why did the movie Cats fail as a movie? Many believe the reason was due to Unpleasant Valley, a psychological theory that describes how when a person sees non-human beings, the more they resemble humans, the more likable they are, but if a non-humans resemble humans too much, they become creepy and repulsive.

Let’s look at the uncomfortable valley scene in Cats. In the musical, the line between a person’s face and his body is blurred so people feel more positive about the characters. However, in the movie, a lot of people feel uncomfortable about the creature that is not quite a cat or human. Because the film is a computer-generated composite, it portrays humans and cats in exquisite detail.

The musical Cats was originally featured in England in 1981 and was loved there for 21 years until 2002. Since then, it has been loved in the USA in Broadway for 18 years. Before the musical opened, nobody expected such a deal. Many argued that there was no obvious story and said, “Who would go to watch cats dressed and just running around?” Those kinds of questions were answered as Cats succeeded at the box office. The Cats movement was transformed into ballet, modern dance, and acrobatics. The movement added more musical styles, including the background music “Memory” to describe the characters in the story. The music became a major reason for its success.

Cats, the musical has long been loved by many people which is why people were waiting with high expectations of a more popular movie. People who had already seen the musical thought they would be thrilled to experience the feel and touch of Cats again. However, the musical has its own color, different from the movie. After failing to produce all the colors of the musical with the color of the film, perhaps the movie failed to meet people’s high expectations who watched the musical. The movie failed to produce all the colors of the musical, and it is hard to satisfy people’s high expectations.

However, through the musical cafes on the internet and individual opinions, half of the voters mentioned the movie was good. All of these are private opinions, and no one can pin down how others will feel until they experience the film for themselves. Remember, live a wise and open cultural life without being dragged too far by other people’s assessments.

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