YouTube Discriminates Korean Comments
YouTube Discriminates Korean Comments
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Eight months ago, on the British Men’s YouTube channel, a video was uploaded under the title, Is YouTube Deleting Comments? In March of this year, this channel posted another video titled Why YouTube Is Hiding Our Comments, accusing YouTube of manipulating Korean comments. If you type in a search, YouTube Deletes Korean Comments, in the YouTube search box, you will see that other YouTubers are experiencing the same phenomenons causing concerns that Korean comments are being discriminated against.

Why does this happen? YouTube’s official position is not clear. However, the British Men’s channel said, “YouTube wanted to experiment with prioritizing English comments across a few Korean channels”.

For this reason, we can see that Korean comments, which have more ‘like’ hits, are located below the English comments which have less ‘likes’. If you go into any YouTube videos and look at the upper comments, there are few Korean comments.

Seeing this noticeable decrease in Korean comments, The Seowon News asked some students at Seowon University to find out what they thought about it.

Jeong Ye-ji, a Bio-cosmetics major, was surprised to see only English comments all of a sudden, but she also thought it was a simple natural algorithm. She added, “I thought YouTubers have arranged English comments above because what subscribers see abroad has far more advertising revenue”.

Park Hyun-ha, an English Education major, expressed two opinions. She said that she is confused whether she is a Korean or English speaker because she could only watch English letters on her phone. She continued, “I feel stifled sometimes as a Korean. People who can read English will be fine when this happens, but the elderly and those who can not read English well will feel disadvantaged, and that’s too bad because there are many people in this situation”.

“On the other hand, however,” she added, “when I turn on the positivity in my mind, I think foreigners are more interested in Korea than before. As they write comments on video clips related to Korea, this plays a positive role in promoting Korea”.

YouTube’s secret experiment of minimizing Korean comments can not be justified. It needs to consider complaints from YouTube channel owners who can not see Korean comments, including Korean viewers. Therefore, YouTube should announce an official explanation as soon as possible.

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