Taking Your Pets to Work: Good or Bad?
Taking Your Pets to Work: Good or Bad?
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Every fourth week of June is Take Your Dog to Work Day, also known as TYDTWD. It is a campaign that promotes workers to bring their pets to their companies. For the purpose of raising funds, in 1998, the British animal welfare charity came up with this idea. In 1999, U.S. Pet Sitters International company encouraged the event to support the adoption of abandoned dogs. Then it also spread to Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

At the first time, this campaign was limited only to dogs. Recently, there have also been cases of bringing cats, and people have spread the #TYDTWD on their social media. The Seowon News asked the students of Seowon University to share their opinions about this campaign.

First of all, Park Hyun-ji whose major is Social Welfare said she was against such a movement. “If an owner takes his or her pet to the company, I think he or she would bother the owner who is working. Because animals can not eat or do what they have to do on their own, they would need the owner’s help”. In addition, she worried that pets would irritate other workers such as making noise and triggering allergies during business hours.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun-yong, a student who is majoring an English Education and raising cats, replied, “I think it is a good system because there are many animals with separation anxiety, and it can reduce this problem”. Also, she said that there are many houses that raise pets instead of children these days even if people get married, so she thought it is a good practice for sure.

However, she said it might sometimes not be good to take a pet to the workplace. “Because cats are territorial animals, so many of them are very anxious when they are out of their domains according to their tendencies”, she added. Nevertheless, she thought it is a good experience for pets that adapt well to new places. Moreover, she presented additional ideas to improve taking pets to work, adding “It would be better if there were people who took care of pets like the child care system, rather than the owners taking care of their pets at work”.

Even though there are those who oppose it, a research conducted by a psychological research team at Central Michigan University in the U.S. showed that workers who work with dogs improve collaboration efficiency in the workplaces, ethical behaviors of employees, and a better office atmosphere. Therefore, activating a pet friendly system which complements shortcomings in more companies will enable both people and animals to live happily in the company.

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