Have You Tried Virtual Reality?
Have You Tried Virtual Reality?
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How Virtual Reality is Changing the World around Us

The fourth industrial revolution is leading to the introduction of many new smart technologies. One form of new technologies is Virtual Reality (VR) meaning it is no longer limited to the world of the science fiction. VR means alternate simulated reality. The interesting thing about this technology is that it provides us with an immersive environment that can be fun, but also help us to learn new and important skills.

VR technology is utilized in a variety of ways in numerous fields. For instance, VR technology is used to focus on delicate or dangerous training for pilots or astronauts. It is also important in medicine. In the United Kingdom today, surgeons are able to broadcast surgical procedures using VR technology in real-time. Also, a doctor new to surgery can be trained by performing surgical procedures using VR. Furthermore, VR is used to simulate the injection of medical devices, such as syringes, into the human body in a virtual manner. It can also be used for multiple types of surgical operations involving important parts of the body like the brain or heart.

In architecture, we can also find the utilization of VR. By reducing time and unnecessary cost, architects can produce the right outputs for their customers’ needs, such as building previews, various safety verifications, and various forms of interior designs.

VR is also easily found in Korea. Nowadays, VR is the most advanced area for entertainment. For instance, games, many VR based amusement facilities, and numerous VR cafés have appeared.

Another way VR is utilized is to help people overcome personal problems. For instance, soldiers or police officers who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can improve their conditions by seeing the repetitive traumatic situation simulated and learning to cope. VR can also enable alcoholics to moderate their behaviors. For example, they may improve impulse control by observing other drinkers or an alcoholic drinking in a virtual environment.

Korea is also paying attention to the distribution of VR equipment. If VR becomes more widespread, not only through videos based on VR, but via other fields such as education and military training, the technology will spread at a rapid rate.

The use of VR technology can also have very positive effects when it comes to choosing certain kinds of jobs, making a hobby, or having a variety of different experiences.

However, there can also be potential downsides to the use of VR. It can lead to employment problems if the technology is used to replace human workers. With this in mind, the government should make efforts to create new employment whilst minimizing the impact on existing employment.

To conclude, VR has many benefits, but it also requires people’s dedication and efforts in order to advance the technology and enable it to play a greater role in all our lives.

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