A Look inside the Seowon Skin Research Center at Seowon University
A Look inside the Seowon Skin Research Center at Seowon University
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The Seowon Skin Research Center (SSRC) is an agency specializing in the safety, efficacy, and overall evaluation of new materials and the various quasi-drugs contained within cosmetics.

In recent years, the demand for new materials, functional cosmetics, and quasi-drugs has been increasing. It was in this context that the SSRC was established in February 2015 as a school-enterprise of Seowon University to research and innovate thus expanding our scientific understanding. The SSRC has also formed a business partnership with the P&K Skin Clinical Research Center, which is linked with a general hospital and a specialized clinical skin organization.

To know more about the Center, The Seowon News visited the SSRC and asked a researcher some questions.


- The Seowon News (SN): What is the Seowon Skin Re-search Center for?

- Researcher (R): At the SSRC, the development and analysis of the materials contained within cosmetics are conducted. The organization consists of experienced medical and cosmetic clinical dermatologists and specialized analytical assessment agents. All human application tests are performed using the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety standards, facilities that meet the criteria of Europe and the U.S., and state-of-the-art equipment.

Also, the Institutional Review Board is operating its own Examination Committee to ensure the standardization of human application tests and the ethical
reliability for subjects.


- SN: What is a clinical trial?

- R: A clinical trial is a test or study conducted on a person to prove the safety and efficacy of cosmetics.


- SN: What kinds of trials are going on at the center?

- R: At the SSRC, there are many experiments that Seowon students can participate in. The main tests include a primary stimulus test, hair loss testing, acne testing, a moisturizing test, ultraviolet ray testing, and so on. Besides, there are various clinical trials dependent on the time of the year and part of the skin being researched.

Clinical trials are relatively safe because they are performed at the last stage before releasing new cosmetics. After the first trial, students cannot join the trial for an average of three to six months using the same part of the bodies. All tests are also aimed at healthy subjects that meet all the required conditions.


The Skin Research Center is located on the first floor of the Industry-academic Cooperation Office of Seowon University. For more information, contact 043.299.8220-2.

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