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A Story about the Wealth Gap between the Rich and Poor
(Distributor-CJ entertainment) Parasite movie poster
(Distributor-CJ entertainment) Movie Parasite poster

In the most powerful competition at the 92nd National Academy Awards on February 10, 2020, in Korea, 'Parasite' has gained much attention. It has become a global issue, beating other works such as 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood''Knives Out', 'Marriage Story', and '1917'. Also, it won the first Korean and Asian awards and international-long-film awards. 'Parasite' attracted international attention, not only with the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival but also other award organizations.

This movie tells an unusual story about the gap and conflict between the rich and poor. It criticized the class gap in modern society through the stories of two families living in a semi-basement and a mansion. One of the major points of the movie is the matter of human lines. Among human relationships, some lines must not be crossed, and those lines must be protected. This film is also very realistic, but it has attracted so much love because it does not cross the line in making people feel inconvenienced. It is a film that lets us think about someone’s attitude towards the boundary lines of people.

And with the spectacular award records of Parasite, the film has been re-examined. One thing that has been noticed is the symbolism of the food. In the movie, the food shows the gap between the rich and poor in the characters. It has been interesting to see that the food named 'jjapaguri (ram-don)' has become very popular. It is a cheap food that mixes Korean noodles, jjapaghetti and neoguri. In the movie, it is a dish that the poor enjoy, and it symbolizes their socioeconomic statuses as poor. Ironically, in a fancy New York restaurant, 'jjapaguri' costs $25, which is very expensive.

Parasite is a film that has received much love from both Korea and abroad. Hopefully, more and more people will see this movie and share open ideas about it.

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