Why Are Single Men and Women Refusing to Date?
Why Are Single Men and Women Refusing to Date?
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On March 23, 2020, the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs conducted a survey of 1,140 unmarried men and 1,324 unmarried women aged 20-44 to find out whether they are currently dating. Among them, 74.2 percent of men and 68.2 percent of women said they were not dating.

The majority of the respondents gave several reasons why they do not have proper partners. Common responses were that they did not feel the need to have a relationship, that they wanted to focus on what they are doing now, and that they did not want to lose their freedoms and comforts.

The Seowon News asked a student attending Seowon University who has no future intention to marry and does not want to date what she thought about dating. She said, “Of course, the dating has good points, but I think it is a waste of time and emotion. While listening to the concerns of my friends who fought with their boyfriends, I realized that the dating is hard. Also, the reason that I do not want to date is because I do not have a job nor enough time to spare for a boyfriend. Even if I get a job later, I think I will be busy achieving my career”.

The Duo Human Life Research Institute operated by ‘Duo’, a marriage information company, carried out a survey with 500 single men and 500 single women from October 21st to November 4th, 2019. This survey also showed that the number of romantic relationships has been on the decline over the past four years. A ‘Duo’ official stated that “The declining dating number between single men and women shows a sad reality”, and added “We will try to make sure that many single people realize the importance of living together and find happiness”.

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