Seowon University Is Preparing for the Teacher Certification Examination
Seowon University Is Preparing for the Teacher Certification Examination
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In 2020, 143 students at Seowon University became successful applicants for the teacher recruitment exam. These excellent results were due to the efforts of successful candidates as well as the support of Seowon University. The College of Education at Seowon University runs a number of programs to help students pass the teacher certification examination. Among these, there is a program named ‘Provisions for the Secondary Teacher Qualification Exam’, which was conducted on January 9th in this year.

This program is for students and graduates who are preparing for this exam and consists of three activities: ‘Successful Senior’s Lectures’, ‘Special Lectures for Interviews’, and ‘In-depth Interview Simulations’. The Seowon News interviewed Professor Gil Ho-hyun, who is the head of the Teaching Department and a member of the department of Korean Language Education.


- The Seowon News (SN): Is the teacher certification exam preparation program held every year? How many students participated?

- Gil Ho-hyun (GHH): This program has been steadily implemented since 2016. On average, about 90 students usually participate, and 87 students participated in this year.


- SN: Please explain in more detail about the activities in this program.

- GHH: First of all, during the ‘Successful Senior’s Lectures’, seniors who recently passed the exam share useful information about how to prepare simulated instruction and interviews based on their experiences and know-hows.

Also, through the ‘In-depth Interview Simulations’, three to four students are grouped to interview with two interviewers at the same time. Considering the number of students and time, we cannot do an one-on-one interview simulation, but we can do it in groups so that students can hear more diverse answers and receive a variety of feedbacks.


- SN: Are there any other programs for students preparing the exam?

- GHH: Every year, we operate programs such as ‘Seowon Education Special Lectures’ and ‘Pre-teacher Camp 1, 2’ etc. The former is an intensive special lecture during the summer vacation, and the incumbent professor majoring in the Department of Education summarizes and organizes the entire scope of education. In the latter part, there is a contest where students are able to present the curriculum related to their simulated instruction and then also perform simulated instruction. Also, those who graduated from each department can come and give advice to students during this program.

There are many other programs. More information can be found on the Seowon University’s College of Education website.


- SN: This time Seowon University recorded its highest number of successful applicants. What do you think about this?

- GHH: One advantage Seowon University has is that there are many incumbent teachers who have graduated because it has a deep history and tradition. Another advantage is that the relationship between professors and students is good. Professors make a lot of efforts to help students become successful applicants. Also, students follow professors well, and this creates a synergistic effect because they get along well with each other.


As can be seen, the Teaching Department at Seowon University is making great efforts to help students pass the recruitment exam. If you are dreaming of becoming a teacher, The Seowon News recommends that you take part in the preparation programs which can be of great interest and a gateway to a future career.

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