Scoliosis: Stretching Out as a Source of Healing
Scoliosis: Stretching Out as a Source of Healing
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A spine is located in the center of the body and is an important part that supports our balance and postures. A normal spine looks straight from the front, but if it becomes bent, then this is a condition called ‘scoliosis’. In February 2014, the National Health Insurance Corporation surveyed patients with scoliosis and found that younger people accounted for more than half of the cases of scoliosis, along with statistics showing that teenagers constituted 38.3 percent, and people in their 20s accounted for 13.7 percent of patients.

About 70 percent of scoliosis patients who went on to develop symptoms since their time as students developed symptoms without any obvious cause. However, there are bad posture habits that can cause this disease like sitting cross-legged, leaning on one foot, and carrying a bag to one side.

If the disease is not treated in the early stages, it will hinder growth, tighten the muscles of the neck and shoulder, and disrupt the blood supply to the brain which will reduce concentration and learning skills.

Scoliosis can be treated with professional treatment from a rehabilitation clinic. However, it can be also prevented by exercises in lives. Here are some exercises people can do in their lives.

The first position is to look up at the sky on the mat, raise both legs from the position lying down, and raise the waist slowly. At this point, the shoulders should be attached to the mat, the abdominal muscles should be strained, and the posture maintained for one minute. The stretch should be repeated 10 times or more for the best results.

The second position is to stretch out the arms and bend slowly forward with the shoulders relaxed from the kneeling position.

The third position is to lay on the back looking up at the sky and then pulling one knee toward the chest with both arms. It should be carried out on both the left and right knees.

The aforementioned movements are exercises that can be easily done at home without any sporting goods. In addition, it is also good to make a habit of sitting upright with the back and chest straight so that the shoulders do not become bent forwards.

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