What’s Inside an Air Purifier
What’s Inside an Air Purifier
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[Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo] Two principles of the air purifier
[Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo] Two principles of the air purifier


A few years ago, fine dust levels began to appear on the news, and now it is part of our daily lives to check the level. The use of air purifiers, which lower the concentration of fine dust, has also increased as the awareness of the levels of fine dust has gone up. In a recent entertainment show, If You Envy, You Lose, the scene of easily creating the air purifier with just a few simple ingredients is a hot issue among Internet users.

If you know some principles of how air purifiers work, they are easy to make. The principles of air purifiers are largely divided into two categories. First, it is made by filtering out dust, using different filters. Very small pollutants and dust in the air are filtered out, using several membranes of the filters. The fine dust is as small as one-fifth to one-twentieth of a person’s hair cross-section diameter, so it is completely invisible to us.

Actually, there are many different types of filters that help absorb and filter out fine dust such as prefilters, charcoal filters, and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. The HEPA filter is made of fibers and is used the most. It was originally developed in the United States to remove radioactive dust. The HEPA filters can remove dust at a probability of 99 percent or more when dust  first passes through.

The second principle is to electrically remove pollutants, using an ionization method. Eliminating pollutants by electricity is similar to the static phenomenon we commonly experience in the winter. When a high-pressure current is sent to the device, it creates negatively charged electrons which stick to dust. These dusty negative electrons then stick to a positively charged proton wall. Finally, only clean air can be filtered out.

To find out how students feel about air purifiers, The Seowon News asked some students at Seowon University what their thoughts are. One of the students, Ahn Yi-jeong, an English Education major, said, “When I turn on an air purifier at home, I am relieved to see that the level of the dust in my house is definitely lowered”. In addition, she said that she felt effective when she was cleaning she saw less dust and appreciated the noticeable decrease in dust.

People are fortunate and happy that the invention of the air purifier can help them escape air pollution indoors. On the contrary, however, as the problem of air pollution has become serious, it is disappointing that buying air purifiers has become necessary. Therefore, humans should pay attention and reflect on more fundamental environmental issues.

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